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Case Study

SEO Case Study:

1365 Church Street Vineyard & Winery

Nova Scotia winery, 1365 Church Street Vineyard & Winery is a boutique grape grower and wine maker in Nova Scotia's beautiful Annapolis Valley. The website is in a very competitive regional market, with some very large and established competitors spanning almost 20 years. These particular websites have an inherent advantage over new operators in the Google marketplace.

The client goal was to increase traffic to the website, and thereby increase onsite visitors to the vineyard, as well as online wine sales. Our recommendation was to do a combination of organic SEO, Google Ads, as well as business listings and reviews on Google, Yelp and other platforms.

By using this multi-pronged approach we aimed at getting the Church Street Vineyard and Winery website high up on Google for all major searches. This would include Paid Ads, organic SERP rankings and map listings.

We have been able to put 1365 Church Street consistently in the top 5 organic, Google Ads and map search results. They have enjoyed excellent walk-in traffic for wine tastings and vineyard tours, onsite wine sales and corresponding increased sales online.

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