Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most cost effective way to get new visitors to your website. Alphasearch Halifax will fetch them for you.

SEO is Complicated. We Can Help.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is complicated. It has lots of moving parts. Google looks at several HUNDRED factors when determining where to rank your website. That's right... hundreds. And of course it's measuring your site against all the others. To throw yet another wrench into things, Google's search algorithm is always changing. Staying on top of it is a full time job.


Here are just a handful of the kinds of things Google evaluates:

  • Textual Content

  • Inbound and Outbound Links

  • Mobile Responsiveness

  • Page Titles and Tags

  • Domain Age

  • Website Navigation

  • Website Load Times

  • Readability

At Alphasearch Halifax we work hard to stay on top of the latest changes to Google's search algorithm so we can put your website in front of the people you want to reach. More eyeballs means more business.

Just as important, studies also show that being on top of the search engines is seen as an indication of your company’s quality. We can help you get better website rankings on Google and other search engines so you can grow your brand and your business.


Get an SEO Audit for your Website


Is your website not working as well as you think it should? Not bringing you many customers? We can find out why. An SEO audit of your website will discover the reasons your website isn't performing and what we can do about it.


Be Mobile Friendly

Mobile search is rising fast. About 60% of all searches are now done on a mobile phone or tablet. You need a mobile search marketing strategy, Do you have a mobile-friendly, responsive design site? No? Better get one now. Google is ranking mobile friendly sites higher. And not only are mobile searches growing - they mean business. According to Google, nine out of ten mobile searchers take action after a phone search. According to Mobile Marketer, seven out of ten follow through within an hour of conducting the search.