Search Engine Marketing is very complex. We'll help you figure it out.

From SEO, to Google Ads, to Facebook Advertising, Alphasearch Halifax will get you found online by the people you want to find you.

Search marketing works. In industry surveys, professional online marketers typically rate it as the most effective form of digital marketing, and with the highest ROI. Search marketing is more complex than it was previously - and also more powerful. Alphasearch Halifax is up to the task.

Alphasearch Halifax offers a range of digital marketing services: SEO, SEM (Google Ads), social media marketing and more. Online marketing is NOT an off-the-rack product. What's right for one client, may not be right for another. Every situation is unique. Our job is to guide you through the maze of digital marketing solutions and come up with a plan that's right for you, in your situation. This takes in-depth knowledge of the digital landscape and an understanding of you and your needs. We have 15 years of providing exactly this to our clients.

Our Core Services

Search Engine Optimization:

We Google things every day. Search engine optimization puts you in front of customers when they are searching for what you have to offer. Being near the top of Google drives traffic to your site. Traffic means business, Furthermore, studies also show that being on top of the search engines is seen as an indication of your company’s quality. It lends instant credibility to your brand.

Google Ads (Paid Search):

Pay-per-click search marketing is a great way to quickly put your site in front of your target market of searchers. Google Ads is the biggest and best-known PPC marketing program, and we've been doing it for 15 years. Doing it right is essential, otherwise money is just flying out the door.

Google Analytics:

You don't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. Google Analytics tracks everything that happens on your website. Everything. Where visitors come from, how they found you and what they do when they land on your website. This is the ultimate tool to help you make smart online decisions.

Website Development and Consulting:

Websites are complicated things. Lots of moving parts, tools and functions. Ultimately they exist to do one thing: get your website visitors to do what you want them to do... buy a product, contact you, sign up, request a quote, whatever. Having a website that facilitates all of this is crucial to success online. Alphasearch Halifax can help you "fix" your current website, guide you in creating a new one, or we can even build one for you.

SEO Website Auditing:

Is your site on top of the search engines? If not, our SEO audit can show you why. We assess you site’s SEO strengths and weaknesses, including technical, content, linking, and other factors. Alphasearch Halifax will also assess your online competitive space - your competitors, and the potential traffic you could be getting.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media tools empower groups that share interests, history, or other connections to share information in a method unique to the 21st century. But, adopting Social Media to grow your business or professional presence is a whole different ballgame from connecting with your friends and family or looking at lol-cats.