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Case Study

Online Marketing Case Study:

Breathing Space Yoga Studio

Breathing Spage Yoga has been offering yoga classes and instructor training and certification for over 3 decades. When the Covid 19 Pandemic hit Nova Scotia, it had a serious impact on their business, which was predominantly in-person services. Breathing Space realized that a change in their business model was essential. They determined to focus on online/virtual yoga classes, as well as onsite classes that utilize the client's own workspace.


With an improved and revamped website they've used the SEO services provided by Alphasearch to increase their websites' visibilty on Google to get more targeted website traffic and new business. Results have been significant and have occured within a matter of months of implementation of the new strategy.


You can check out their websites here: 


Online - Virtual Yoga Classes in Nova Scotia


Yoga in Schools Teacher Training and Certification


Empowerment Training Program for Girls

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