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The Web is Getting Very Crowded. With Over 15 Years of Experience, Our Internet Marketing and SEO Skills Will Help You Succeed Online.


We are Halifax's Premiere Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Ads Company

From our SEO company's Halifax area offices, we deliver effective Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing Services to our clients so they can compete online across town, or around the world. We make websites do more, bring more customers, communicate your image more effectively, or convert more prospects into buyers.

Our SEO, Google Ads and search marketing services focus on using the web more effectively, whether through an improved online digital strategy, powerful search engine promotion, online public relations, email marketing – we’ll help you figure out which of the many good online options is for you, and how to do it to effectively to produce real results now and in the long term.


SEO Services

From our Halifax-area office, we can help you reach your clients across the city or around the world. Our proprietary SEO service methods are tried and true. We've been serving satisfied clients across North America since 2004, and we have the testimonials to prove it! We work with clients big and small, including the Government of Nova Scotia, Tourism Barbados, Atlantic Toyota, Premiere Suites Bathing and many, many more.


Google Ads

Google Ads has become a huge success for many advertisers with stronger ROI than other traditional forms of advertising. Paid search (or pay-per-click, PPC) also has the strengths that ads are targeted only to specific audiences, and that PPC marketing campaigns can be improved based on feedback using Google Analytics. Everything can be tracked and measured, leading to smart decision making. Find out more.


Google Friendly Websites

When it comes to the world wide web, Google sees all. Yes, they really are a bit like Big Brother. Did you know that Google looks at how your website is built? And that things like navigation, coding, site speed and more can affect the way your website ranks? Did you know Google favours Responsive Design sites? Even with the best content in the world, a poorly built website can kill you dead in the water. Make sure your website, or a new one, doesn't do more harm than good.

“We have been using Peter and Alphasearch for more than 4 years… he has taken our SEO to a new level at more than competitive pricing. I highly recommend his services.” 

- Dave Greenwood, General Manager, Storage Inn Self Storage, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"I've been working with Peter at Alphasearch for about 4 years now. Our initial goals were ambitious: start Google Advertising, get top rankings/SEO placement, get better online presence and more digital initiatives going, etc. Not only did we quickly accomplish these goals, but we also obtained a true business partner/colleague, who's commitment to our success is still as strong as day 1. Customer satisfaction (is still) 10 out of 10!"

- Jeff Cox, General Manager, The Home Doctor, Antigonish, Nova Scotia