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Who We Are

Halifax SEO & Digital Marketing Company

A lot of web companies say they do SEO and digital marketing. At Alphasearch Halifax we don’t just "do it", we make it rock. With 6 billion searches per day and over 90% of the search market, there's simply no better marketing method than being found on Google. At Halifax-based Alphasearch, digital marketing and search engine optimization are our core company services. We track the search engines, industry trends, and constantly improve our method, while conducting our own tests to make sure that we win in every market, with every client. Our goal is also to inform and educate our clients: we explain what we are doing, why, and what results we expect.

You probably found our site through an Internet search. In fact, 80% of our web traffic comes through search engines - and typically over 75% of that is new traffic. That's due to solid SEO... the same thing we'll do for you. And our traffic doesn't just come from Halifax, but from across Canada and even around the world. That’s the story we want to write for you as well.

Our Halifax-based company is small but mighty - and focused on just one thing: delivering customers. We do this through our core services, which are all based on strong content and include:

The online marketing world is getting more complex, not less. Your message needs to do more, attract more visitors, win the search engine game, build a social media network – and do all this while enhancing your brand. This is where we thrive.

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