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Google Ads Advertising


Google Ads advertising will drive people to your website from across Halifax, Nova Scotia or around the world.

Like many things in our DIY world, Google Ads (AKA Pay Per Click - PPC) is easy to do, but hard to do right. The cost of doing it wrong is lost opportunity and wasted money. We've been managing Ads marketing campaigns since Adwords was first invented by Google. We can help you do it right.

Google Ads and other PPC campaigns are excellent methods to draw traffic quickly - and to produce measured results. They are great for helping to fill sales pipelines, quickly share news of promotions, and seasonal or limited time offers. You can reach customers in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada or around the world.

PPC campaigns like Google Ads are structured very differently than organic search. Quick off the mark, PPC campaigns can produce results immediately, while also providing great feedback and tracking. They can also be tightly focused, showing ads in places as small as your own town, cities like Halifax, your country or the whole world.

A hybrid of search marketing and advertising, to maximize your PPC success you need to strategically apply principles of both.

Google Ads:
Do it Right, or Waste Money. It's That Simple.

Google Ads advertising has changed a lot over the years. More refined, more targeted and more complicated. Fortunately, these changes have also made it more effective. Our PPC process is thorough and includes the following:

  • Account Setup

  • Strategic Planning

  • Audience and Geographic Targeting

  • Campaign and Adgroup Creation

  • Keyword Selection

  • Bid Selection and Adjustment

  • Landing Page Consulting, Editing or Creation

  • Ad Writing and Editing

  • Conversion Tracking Setup

  • Analytics Integration

  • Analytics Reporting

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